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Eastern Box Turtle

Trixie was admitted to our hospital in 2005 as an surrender from his finder. Trixie was originally found as a hatchling in 2000 and was kept illegally as a pet for five years indoors. During this time, Trixie was not fed a proper diet or provided with proper housing to allow normal growth. Trixie developed a severe condition called Metabolic Bone Disease. Trixie’s shell became very soft and caved in at the rear of his carapace (upper shell). Trixie’s finder reached out for help recognizing that this turtle has become very sick. We provided Trixie with appropriate treatment, a nutritious diet and spacious housing. With quality care, Trixie’s condition improved. While he is unable to be released due to his shell deformity,  Trixie is now thriving with proper husbandry. Trixie is a very important part of our education team and helps us to teach the public never to take wild animals as pets.

Did You Know?

Eastern Box Turtles typically spend half of their year here on Long Island underground. In November, once the weather cools, these turtles will dig a burrow under the ground below the frost line. They will usually stay underground until April each year when the weather warms. Upon reemerging each spring, the turtle focuses on eating, drinking, sunning and finding a mate to lay eggs by summertime!

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