Volunteers for Wildlife is changing its name to Wildlife Center of Long Island!
Baby Season Raffle!
Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982
Wildlife Center of Long Island
Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982
2023 Wildlife Walk
October 1, 2023 | 11:00am - 3:00pm
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Baby Season Raffle!

Cash Prizes - $1,000 / $500 / $250 / $100
Prizes - $1,000 / $500 / $250 / $100
Drawing on May 1st, 2024

Wildlife Center of Long Island

(formerly known as Volunteers for Wildlife) has been dedicated to the preservation of Long Island’s wildlife and natural habitats since 1982

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Baby Season Raffle!

This heartwarming initiative supports the care of injured and orphaned young wildlife during our busiest season.

CASH PRIZES! - $1,000 / $500 / $250 / $100
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What's New at The center

Whats new at the center

November 2023

Ambassador Calendars!
Patient Feature: Hawk Crashes through Window

Next Upcoming Event

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Wildlife Education Programs

Our educators provide inspiring & engaging conservation-based wildlife education programs for children & adults of all ages. Each year we deliver several hundred presentations to schools, camps, scouts, libraries, & community organizations on Long Island.

Wildlife Rescue

We field over 10,000 calls annually in response to emergency situations. In addition to calls from the public, we are contacted by police officers, fire departments, town, and municipal animal shelters, state wildlife officials, and veterinary hospitals all over Long Island.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Our Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital serves as the primary resource for injured & orphaned wildlife on Long Island in Nassau & Western Suffolk Counties. We provide compassionate care to every animal with the goal of returning these animals to their homes in nature.