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Wildlife Education Programs

Our program curriculum is developed by professional educators and is designed for specific age groups. This allows us to provide participants with an engaging presentation with age-appropriate material specially designed for them. We offer these wildlife education programs for schools, libraries, summer camps, scout troops, birthday parties and more!

Bring the Wild to your Group through Wildlife Center of Long Island’s interactive wildlife education programs!

In each of our programs, your group will have the opportunity to learn about local wildlife, their natural history, amazing adaptations and how they make their home on our beautiful island!

Programs can be tailored to audience size and audience age. If you have a special wildlife related topic you’d like incorporated into the program, we are happy to adapt any program to your curriculum.

Programs are offered at your location or at a public or private venue you have booked. Our program length is typically 45-60 minutes. We recommend a shorter length of 30 minutes for our youngest participants.

Here are some of our most popular wildlife education programs:

Meet The Animals

In this introductory program to the world of wildlife, you will meet our cold-blooded reptiles, our furry mammals and our feathered birds! Learn about the different classes of animals and their characteristics that make each group unique! 

This program is an excellent choice for young children, libraries and any group looking for a basic introduction to wildlife!

Living With Wildlife On Long Island

Long Island is our home, but it is also the home of hundreds of different species of wildlife too! In this program you will meet some of the reptiles, mammals & birds that call Long Island home. Learn about their unique adaptations and explore their role in our local ecosystem. Get the inside scoop on why these animals came to our Wildlife Hospital and learn how you can help other animals like them on Long Island! 

Living with Wildlife on Long Island is the perfect fit for groups looking to learn how they can help animals in their area.

Raptors of Long Island

Meet some of the fiercest apex predators on Long Island living right in our backyards. Get an in-depth explanation of species-specific hunting methods, diurnal versus nocturnal adaptations, and unique survival tactics! Because we share common areas with these creatures, they are susceptible to human-induced threats. Learn how to help conserve these species and meet our Raptor Ambassadors up close during this popular and exciting program!

We most recommend Raptors of Long Island for audiences eight years and older.

Web Of Life

Our Web of Life program is a wonderful introductory program to In this program, we will track energy as it flows from the sun to producers & consumers within the food web. Explore predator-prey relationships. We stress the importance of each organism in the web of life and examine the impact people make on local habitats.

This program is most appropriate for grades 3+.

Wild About Reading

 Comforting animal-based stories engage children with the fascinating lives of our local wildlife and help them understand the importance of preserving our natural world.   Join our Wildlife Educator for Wildlife Story time!  Following the story, Children will get an up-close look at one of our much-loved animal ambassadors who relates to the chosen story.   

Wild About Reading is most suitable for children 8 and under. The age level and topic of the book will be selected based on audience age and by request. 

Wild about reading: Popular Titles

There’s an Opossum in my Backyard

Owl Babies

Daylight Starlight Wildlife

Opossum Opposites

Mama Opossum’s Misadventures

City Hawk

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