Volunteers for Wildlife is changing its name to Wildlife Center of Long Island!
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Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982
Wildlife Center of Long Island
Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982

September 2023

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Annual Wildlife Walk!

Please join us for our annual Wildlife Walk:

Sunday, October 1
The Seminary – Retreat & Conference Center
440 West Neck Road Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743

Our annual Wildlife Walk is just a few days away! This is a fun, informative and engaging event for all ages. Attendees will meet our animal ambassadors & learn about Long Island’s wildlife. Ambassadors in attendance include hawks, owls, doves, turtles, an opossum and more! Pizza, drinks & ice cream are included with admission. 

Patient Spotlight

Eastern Cottontail In Net

Rabbit Rescued from Netting

Earlier this month, a homeowner called our hotline in a panic when he discovered this Eastern Cottontail rabbit severely entangled in a backyard soccer net. When found, the rabbit was so unresponsive that the homeowner didn’t think it was still alive until they saw it blink. We immediately dispatched a rescue & transport volunteer to help this poor animal. Our volunteer carefully cut the netting from around the rabbit’s neck and transported the rabbit to our hospital. Any animal caught in netting should receive medical care. This cottontail sustained severe swelling to her head, neurological symptoms, eye ulcers, dehydration, and complete exhaustion. She was so lucky to have been found before she strangled herself. If you put sports netting outside, please roll it up or cover the netting when not in use. Rabbits, foxes, squirrels, deer, birds, etc. can all become entangled in the netting.

If you find a wild animal caught in netting, call us for assistance: 
wildlife hotline – 516-674-0982

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Whats new at the center

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Whats new at the center

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