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Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982

April 2024

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Last chance to enter our Baby Season Raffle. Drawing is May 1st!

Our wildlife hotline is ringing off the hook with calls about injured & orphaned baby animals. We currently have several baby songbirds, waterfowl, and young mammals in our care. You can help us help them by participating in our baby season raffle! It’s the last chance to enter!

Drawing will be held May 1st.

Update: Baby Season Raffle Tickets No Longer Available

Upcoming Events

Unnamed 14

Join us at the 
Town of North Hempstead’s
Annual Spring Fest!

Celebrate spring & the beauty of nature at the bountiful Clark Botanic Garden. Our education team will be there with some of our wildlife ambassador animals! We will be at the event 12:30-3:15pm, so make sure you stop by!

Click here for more information.

Patient Spotlight

Baby Owls

Baby Owls Rescued & Released

A homeowner in Huntington Bay recently called our hotline when they discovered a baby owl sitting on their front lawn! The owlet, a young Great-horned Owl, had been sitting in the same spot for several hours and didn’t look well. Our volunteer quickly rescued & transported the baby to our hospital. The owlet was too young to be out of the nest and likely fell due to high winds, causing substantial bruising and swelling to one of its wings. 

Our rehabilitation team started pain medication, rehydration fluids, and nutritious food. Just as our hospital was closing for the night, we received another call from the owlet’s finder that a second baby had appeared on their front lawn! We quickly rescued that owlet and noted it had sustained internal bleeding from falling from its nest. The owl siblings rejoined each other in our care. 

The owlets’ parents had both been seen when each of the babies were rescued. This was a great sign as it meant these babies were not orphaned and that mom & dad were very concerned and invested in their young. As soon as the two baby owls healed, our rehab team brought them back to their parents. We secured a new make-shift nest high up in a tree and carefully placed the owlets inside. 

The Great-horned Owl parents immediately resumed caring for their young! Once the owlets were old enough and had vacated their new nest, our team returned to the location to check on them. We were thrilled to be able to see each of the babies, now teenagers, perched high up in the trees! This owl family will remain together for several months as the juveniles learn how to hunt prey on their own and become fully independent.

Baby Owl 1
Baby Owl 2

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