Volunteers for Wildlife is changing its name to Wildlife Center of Long Island!
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Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982
Wildlife Center of Long Island
Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982

October 2023

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We changed our name!

After our long 40 year history, we are excited to announce we have changed our name from Volunteers for Wildlife to Wildlife Center of Long Island to better reflect our mission and outreach. Our new name does not diminish the importance of volunteers within the organization, rather it gives a more accurate description of what our organization is and the area we serve.

Our contact information is:

Wildlife Hotline: 516-674-0982
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.wildlifecenterli.org

Our website has been redesigned to include more information about Long Island’s wildlife, our ambassador animals, & education programs. Click the link below to check out our new site!

Patient Spotlight

Oiled Geese
Recovering Geese

Oiled Geese Rescued

A Good Samaritan recently called our hotline about two Canada Geese that appeared to be oiled. This would be a tricky rescue as the two oiled geese and their parents were walking around the parking lot of a marina. We had to strategically plan a rescue so the geese would not jump into the water and evade capture. Two of our rescue & transport volunteers headed right over and met the Good Samaritan at the marina. The rescue went well and both geese were swiftly captured.

At our Hospital, our rehabilitators noted both of the geese were heavily contaminated with oil. Additionally, they were very skinny and tested positive for a high amount of internal parasites. Wild animals typically have some level of parasites, but when they are sick or injured (or contaminated with a foreign substance), they become weak and parasites quickly multiply.

The first step of rehabilitation was to stabilize the geese. They were treated with multiple anti-parasitic medications and fed a nutritious diet of mixed greens and specialized waterfowl pellets. Once stronger, the geese each received two Dawn baths using specific concentrations of Dawn dish soap to remove the oil from their feathers. The Dawn bath process took 3 of our staff members about an hour per goose! After their baths, the geese returned to their outdoor enclosure.

The geese are still in our care, receiving their last round of anti-parasitic medication. Both have gained weight and are much stronger than when they first arrived! All of the oil has been removed from their feathers. The geese have access to a large pool to bathe and spend much of their time preening (grooming) their feathers. In another few weeks, we will be able to return them back to the wild with a second chance.

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