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November 2023

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The 2024 Ambassador Adoption Calendar is Now Available for Purchase!

Looking for a special gift for a loved one this year? Our first ever ambassador calendar is here! Instead of supporting just one animal, an ambassador adoption will support all 22 of our wildlife ambassadors throughout 2024! Adoptions help us provide high quality food, professional medical care, and stimulating enrichment to the animals in our permanent care. All adopters receive a beautiful calendar & a special certificate of adoption!

Click the link below to order an ambassador calendar today!

Patient Spotlight

Broken Window Glass

Hawk Crashes through Hospital Window

The staff at Northwell Health’s Glen Cove Hospital received quite the surprise when a patient of a different kind came crashing through a hospital room window earlier this month!

A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk flew full-speed into the large building. Staff contacted us right away and one of our rescue & transport volunteers swiftly came to the bird’s rescue. Upon arrival at our hospital, the large raptor was examined. Fortunately, the bird was just stunned. After two days of rest & medication to relieve pain and swelling, the bird made a rapid recovery. This lucky bird was able to be released just 48 hours later!

If you are wondering where the red tail is on this bird, juvenile Red-tailed Hawks don’t grow their adult tail feathers until their first molt. This bird has a striped tail and will molt those feathers for a rusty red tail as it enters its second year.

Watch the gorgeous video below of this bird’s release back to the wild!

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