Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982
Wildlife Center of Long Island
Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982

May 2023

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Amelia American Kestrel
Amelia our ambassador American Kestrel. Photo credit: Michael Fairchild

Save the Date!

Wildlife Walk 2023
Sunday, October 1st 11am-3pm
The Seminary – Conference & Retreat Center
440 West Neck Road
Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743

Please join us for our only fundraising event of 2023! 

Meet our animal ambassadors & learn about Long Island’s wildlife!
Open to all ages – pizza, drinks, & ice cream served.

Thank You!

Wild By Nature Market

Thank you to Wild by Nature in Huntington, NY for their generous weekly donations of fresh produce for our wildlife rehabilitation patients and animal ambassadors!

Patient Spotlight

Baby Songbirds

It’s baby songbird season!

May & June mark the peak of baby songbird season on Long Island. After constructing a nest, female songbirds lay eggs and incubate them for 10-14 days. The female will keep her eggs warm and rotate them twice daily. Once hatched, the baby birds have incredibly fast metabolisms and require feedings every 15-30 minutes from sunrise to sunset! The babies will loudly cry out and open their brightly colored mouths to show their parents exactly where to deposit food! Songbirds spend about 2 weeks in the nest receiving food & care from both parents. At that point, the babies will “fledge” when they jump out of the nest and begin to explore their new freedom. These “fledglings” cannot fly right away and spend 5-7 days on the ground hopping around. Their parents will continue to care for them over the next several weeks as they learn where to find food, what to eat, where to shelter, etc. 

Baby songbirds learn many important survival skills from their parents so it’s important we make every effort to keep wild babies with their parents. If you find a baby bird or a bird nest that you believe may be in distress, please call our Hotline: 516-674-0982 so we can advise the best course of action based on the situation. 

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