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Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982

Rabbits on Long Island

Eastern Cottontails are Long Island’s only species of native rabbit. They get their name from their fluffy white tail that resembles a cotton ball. They are strict herbivores feeding on grasses, flowers, bark, and small twigs. Eastern Cottontails have large eyes and long ears to help them be alert to possible predators.

Did you know?

Eastern Cottontails are very fast! They use their powerful hind legs to reach speeds of 18 miles per hour!

Coexisting with Rabbits

Eastern Cottontails are an important part of our environment, here are some ways to easily coexist with them.

  • During the spring and summer, walk around your property to look for nests before mowing
  • During the spring and summer, keep your dogs leashed and away from nests
  • Keep inground pools fenced to avoid rabbits falling in
  • Use critter-proof fencing to keep rabbits out of your garden

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Wildlife on Long Island

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