Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982
Wildlife Center of Long Island
Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982
***All volunteer positions for 2024 have been filled. Please check back in 2025 for new opportunities.***

Join Our Youth Wildlife Conservation TEAM on Long Island!

Are you a high school student passionate about wildlife and the environment? Wildlife Center of Long Island invites students aged 14-18 to become a part of our dynamic Wildlife Conservation Program. This unique opportunity blends hands-on learning with community service, empowering you to make a real difference in wildlife rescue and conservation.

Limited spaces available – Apply Now!

Employment Opportunities

We are currently hiring! We are in need of a Wildlife Ambassador Caretaker and a Wildlife Hotline Operator. Click the link below for more information.

An Educational & Engaging intro to wildlife rescue

Dive into the world of wildlife rescue with our ‘Introduction to Wildlife Rescue’ module. Learn about the challenges wildlife face and the efforts made to protect and rehabilitate them.

Problem Solving: Become a wildlife detective

Engage in interactive sessions that develop your problem-solving skills. Track the journey of animals through our wildlife hospital and understand the intricacies of wildlife care.

Hands-On environmental Conservation Efforts

Participate in beach cleanups and litter analysis and witness firsthand the impact of environmental stewardship. Your efforts will directly contribute to preserving Long Island’s natural habitats.

Public Wildlife Education & Leadership

Train for and lead public education events, like ‘Walk for Wildlife’. Share your knowledge and passion with the community, inspiring others to join the cause.

How can kids help wildlife?

There are tons of ways that kids can help local wildlife including: fundraising, donation drives, backyard projects & learning about the local wildlife in their area.

Program Details:

Dates: Starting March 2024, with meetings 6-8 days per year on weekends.

Commitment: Regular attendance is vital for a cohesive learning experience and to remain active in the program.

Your Role in Conservation:

As a participant, you’re not just learning about wildlife conservation – you’re actively contributing to it. Your involvement in beach cleanups, educational events, and wildlife tracking makes a tangible difference in our local environment.

Sign Up Today!

Spaces are limited, and enthusiasm is high! If you’re ready to embark on this rewarding journey, sign up now and join a community of young conservationists dedicated to making a difference. Let’s protect and preserve the wildlife of Long Island together!

***Our Youth Conservation Team is currently full. Anyone who applies will be interviewed and considered in the fall for fall “admission”.***

Youth conservation team Application

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***All volunteer positions for 2024 have been filled. Please check back in 2025 for new opportunities. ***