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Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982

March 2023

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Baby Bunny Season

Baby Season Begins!

Spring has sprung and baby season has begun! From March-August every year, we receive an influx of injured or orphaned baby animals. These babies receive intensive and sometimes around-the-clock care. These patients range from newborn opossums to hatchling songbirds. The goal is always to give them a safe space to heal and grow up until they can return to the wild.

We need your help to care for our wildlife babies! Donations from our wish list are needed for medical care, proper nutrition, and species-specific husbandry. Your donations help these babies heal, grow, and prepare for a second chance at life in the wild.

Click the button below to donate a supply for our wildlife babies!

Administrative Volunteers Needed

We are looking for a few volunteers to assist with fundraising, business administration, and/or grant writing. Volunteers will work alongside a member of our Board of Directors. This is a flexible position with a commitment of a few hours per week. We are looking for highly organized and motivated individuals ideally with business experience. For more information, email [email protected]

Upcoming Event

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Our staff & ambassador owl, Orlando, were in attendance at last year’s event

Spring Beach Event!

Join us at the
Town of Oyster Bay’s Spring Harbor Cleanup & Marine Education Expo

Saturday April 15th
Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park in Oyster Bay

This 2nd annual event features environmental organizations and scout troops. Learn about marine ecology, environmental responsibility, and how to mitigate the harmful impacts humans have on wildlife and the environment. This event is free and open to children & adults of all ages!

Patient Spotlight

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Eastern Cottontails

Eastern Cottontails are one of the first babies to arrive at our Hospital each year. Cottontails continue to reproduce throughout the spring and summer. One adult female cottontail averages 3-4 litters per year! Cottontails nest in shallow depressions on the ground often in busy backyards. Baby bunnies are born odorless and mom leaves them alone for most of the day/night so predators do not find them. Baby bunnies nurse only twice a day but grow up exceptionally fast! By just 2 weeks of age they’ve started to wean and in another week will be fully independent. 

Baby bunny nests are often disturbed by lawn work, outdoor cats, or dogs roaming in the yard. If you discover a cottontail nest in your yard, please call our Hotline 516-674-0982 for advice to how protect the nest and keep the babies with their mom. Any bunny that is visibly injured or that has been caught by a cat or dog will need medical care. If you’d like the support the baby bunnies in our care, baby bunny items from our wish list include: Esbilac and Fox Valley formula, feeding tubes, puppy pads, small carriers & large totes for housing. 

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