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Wildlife Hotline: (516) 674-0982

January 2023

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Wildlife Rescue Long Island

Wildlife Rescue & Transport Volunteers Needed on Long Island!

Our Hotline receives over 10,000 calls annually about distressed wildlife all over Long Island. Our rehabilitators triage calls and arrange care for animals that need help. Most injured & orphaned wild patients are brought to our Hospital by Good Samaritans. However, some people don’t feel comfortable handling wildlife or they don’t have the ability to transport the animal. That’s when our rescue & transport volunteers are needed!

Rescue & transport volunteers attend two training classes and learn how to safely contain, catch & handle various species of wildlife. If you’d like to join our rescue & transport team, our upcoming training classes are February 4th & February 11th

For more information, email [email protected]

Patient Spotlight

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Bald Eagle during intake exam
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Eagle in flight cage (credit: The Raptor Trust)

Bald Eagle Recovery

In July, our Hotline received a call about an adult Bald Eagle that was on the ground at a beach in Glen Cove, unable to fly. Two of our wildlife rehabilitators rescued the bird and brought it back to our Hospital. The eagle was suffering from an injury to the head as well as a fracture to one of the wings. Once stabilized, the eagle underwent surgery at Animal General of East Norwich to repair the broken wing. After surgery, the eagle was transferred to another wildlife center, The Raptor Trust, in New Jersey.

At The Raptor Trust, rehabilitators and veterinarians continued to provide intensive medical care and treatment. After the fracture was healed, the eagle moved to a large outdoor flight cage for reconditioning of the wing. After a very long rehabilitation, the bird was finally ready for release in November!

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation & New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection brought the eagle back to New York for release. We are so thankful to everyone involved, from the initial phone call to the release, who helped to give this beautiful bird a second chance!

Animal Ambassadors

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Lucille’s Surgery

Our 3.5-year-old Ambassador Opossum, Lucille, recently developed a large mammary tumor inside her pouch. The tumor was growing quickly and affecting her ability to walk. The veterinary team at Animal General of East Norwich performed surgery earlier this month to remove the tumor. The surgery was a success, the (benign) tumor was completely removed, and we are happy to report that Lucille has made a full recovery!

High-quality food and medical care is so important for our wild patients & ambassadors, but it can be quite costly. If you’d like to help us continue our mission, please consider making a donation today.

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